Body Image in Media

body_lsToday’s media puts a lot of pressure on men and women about their body images. Models seen on television or in advertisements project women and men’s bodies in a certain way. Female models seen in ads are usually really tall, skinny, and have perfect skin.I feel that by having just this one type of model, it puts pressure on many girls and affects their self-esteem. Media can make any girl feel as if they are inadequate and need to change. I feel that it is almost impossible to look like these models seen in media. The majority them are underweight and unhealthy, but they still make it seem like every girl should look this way. I feel that if media started using models with all body types or without perfect skin or features it would make a big difference. Maybe girls wouldn’t be as insecure seeing that people on tv or in ads also have flaws. It is impossible for anyone to be perfect. However, media makes it seem like you need to be, which is very upsetting in my opinion and needs to change.


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