“So a Girl Walks Into a Comedy Club” (Response)


This article was very shocking to me, I could not believe that somebody could make jokes about a subject as serious as rape. I think the woman’s reaction to Tosh’s comments were very reasonable. It is not okay to joke about rape and I commend her for standing up and pointing out that this was wrong. It was however, horrible how Tosh than directed a rape joke towards her, saying how funny it would be if she were to get gang raped. I have no idea how someone can find something that is so serious funny. By Tosh telling this jokes it can have an impact on the way rape is viewed in our society. By him making a joke about rape he can make it seem like rape is just one big gag and that it’s okay. These jokes can also have implications on women who may have been raped before. If someone was in the crowd who has been raped, obviously they are not going to appreciate their pain being laughed at.


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