Domestic Violence Today

Domestic violence is abuse by ones partner in an intimate relationship such as marriage  or dating. Domestic violence has been prominent for centuries. In the United States I believe that it is less prominent today than earlier years.  However, it still does occur in the U.S. and all over the world. Although domestic violence occurs all over, it is more prominent in developing countries. In most developed countries domestic violence is seen as unacceptable but in other regions domestic violence is socially acceptable. In countries such as Afghanistan and Mali domestic violence is more common and tolerated. A survey conducted by the  UNICEF showed that 90% of women in Afghanistan and 87% in Mali think that it is justified for their husbands to beat them under certain circumstances. They feel this way because in their society domestic violence is more of a normality. However, this is very different from the United States and most European countries because domestic violence is not tolerated. 


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