Gay Rights

red-equal-signs-marriage-equalityjpg-0fababd8b362bf7cI have always been a supporter of gay rights. I believe that everybody has the right to be who there and love who they want. The material we discussed and viewed in class also had an impact on me. I thought the Australian announcement about gay marriage was very cleverly  put together. It showed that gay love is no different then heterosexual love and that no one should be denied the right to marry the person they love, based on their sexual preference. I do believe that their can be a possibility for gay rights to be granted across the globe in the future. However, I am not so sure that certain individuals hate and intolerance of homosexuality will ever  go away. I believe this hate comes from peoples belief that being different is somehow a bad thing. Some people may have also grown up in a religious family where homosexuality is against their morals. But, overall some people in our society are just not accepting of those who don’t fit the the mold of “normal”.


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