Attachment Parenting

When I first viewed TIME Magazine’s cover photo about attachment parenting, I was shocked. It was really weird to see a women with a child who looks like he was 5 years old breastfeeding. This article is about Dr.Sears idea of attachment parenting and how some women are practicing it. Some things that are involved in attachment parenting is breastfeeding until your baby is 1 or 2 years old, having your baby sleep in your bed, and holding your baby in slings close to your body. I wouldn’t say this approach is a negative representation of women, because I think it’s something that is women’s choice. Not every women in the world has to practice attachment parenting. I also don’t think that if a women chooses not to perform attachment parenting that they’re a bad parent. Some people have different approaches when it comes to nurturing their baby and may not believe that attachment parenting is for them. Some claims being made about motherhood is that as a mother it is your natural instinct to be close to your baby at all times. And that somehow by doing so it will help you to have a better connection with your child. All in all I do not believe that attachment parenting is anti-feminist, I think it just depends on the person and if this is something they want to do.


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