Domestic Violence: Chris Brown and Rihanna Case

I was in eighth grade when Rihanna and Chris Brown’s domestic fight became public. I remember seeing images of Rihanna on the news after her than boyfriend Chris Brown beat her, the image showed her whole face swollen with black eyes. I was in complete shock, considering I was such a huge fan of Chris Brown and his music. I could not believe that he could do this to another human being, especaially his female girlfriend. In my opinion it is never okay for a man to hit a girl, no matter how upset he is with her. This was greatly a big mistake for Chris Brown since he and his girlfriend Rihanna are always  in the spotlight. After the release of this information, no one really thought about Chris Brown the same way. I do have a lot of contempt towards Chris Brown in this situation, but I am also frustrated with Rihanna. I recall that a couple weeks after this incident her and Chris were seen together. Also today Rihanna and Chris Brown are dating, once again and I do not believe they ever actually broke up. This makes me really angry because I do not understand how a woman can go back to a man who had physically abused her. I know that if any boy ever laid a hand on me, that would be the end of our relationship. If I ever got the chance to say anything to Rihanna, I would ask her why she would stay with somebody who physically abuses her. There must be some reasoning behind this, but it really does not make any sense to me.


“So a Girl Walks Into a Comedy Club” (Response)


This article was very shocking to me, I could not believe that somebody could make jokes about a subject as serious as rape. I think the woman’s reaction to Tosh’s comments were very reasonable. It is not okay to joke about rape and I commend her for standing up and pointing out that this was wrong. It was however, horrible how Tosh than directed a rape joke towards her, saying how funny it would be if she were to get gang raped. I have no idea how someone can find something that is so serious funny. By Tosh telling this jokes it can have an impact on the way rape is viewed in our society. By him making a joke about rape he can make it seem like rape is just one big gag and that it’s okay. These jokes can also have implications on women who may have been raped before. If someone was in the crowd who has been raped, obviously they are not going to appreciate their pain being laughed at.

“Female Chauvinist Pigs”

Ariel Levy made some really great points about sex culture in today’s society. In her video she mentions how sex culture erases the idea of natural beauty and projects woman in fabricated ways. I agree 100% with all the points Levy made, as I have also noticed how society holds high standards of sexuality, that are very unattainable. One thing Levy pointed out was that the majority of woman in pornography are hairless. Being hairless is very unnatural considering we are all animals and are suppose to have hair. However, now the idea of beauty is to go against nature. Models being presented today also project unnatural standards. It used to be that these woman were born with a certain look, but in today’s culture models are presented unnaturally. For example, most models have perfectly perky boobs, but in reality it is almost impossible to have these, unless your breasts are fake. Human sexuality is suppose to be natural, but now we are being told to look unnatural. In my opinion this idea of sexuality is absolutely ridiculous. 

Body Image in Media

body_lsToday’s media puts a lot of pressure on men and women about their body images. Models seen on television or in advertisements project women and men’s bodies in a certain way. Female models seen in ads are usually really tall, skinny, and have perfect skin.I feel that by having just this one type of model, it puts pressure on many girls and affects their self-esteem. Media can make any girl feel as if they are inadequate and need to change. I feel that it is almost impossible to look like these models seen in media. The majority them are underweight and unhealthy, but they still make it seem like every girl should look this way. I feel that if media started using models with all body types or without perfect skin or features it would make a big difference. Maybe girls wouldn’t be as insecure seeing that people on tv or in ads also have flaws. It is impossible for anyone to be perfect. However, media makes it seem like you need to be, which is very upsetting in my opinion and needs to change.